Solution Conversion Revenue
Companies, recruiters, and customers are looking for you
on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Google
You need to be at the top of the search results or else they can't find you
Media Exposure Benefits:
You Can be Seen on FOX, NBC, CBS and ABC, Seen in USA Today, Newsweek & The Wall Street Journal and Become A Celebrity in Your Business Niche
The 4 network logos added to your profile picture (that you provide us)
Screenshots and links to your citations
Once cited, you now have the ability to use “As seen on” in conjunction with the network logos on all of your marketing materials.
Why Get Cited on The Top Media Outlets?
When you’re cited on the major media networks, you are then able to use “As Seen On” and the logos of those networks on all of your marketing materials. This gives you added authority in your niche or field of expertise. Potential customers AND other media outlets will now view YOU as the authority to go to. Think about what that can add to your bottom line!

Click the button below to claim your spot. There is a limited number of spots available each month, so don’t miss out. We also GUARANTEE your “Quote Citation” will be published in four major media affiliates.

One Image Included
The professional image you provide will be included in the Top Recommended Professionals category

Fast Delivery
We pride ourselves on speedy delivery of the media citations and the updated photo within 15 business days

Proof of The Publication
Getting published by a national media network is NOT an easy task, or everyone would be getting published, right? You will receive validation
Using Max Media Exposure & Reputation Builder
Will Get You Noticed...
Huffington Post
The Benefits of a Public and Media Relations Program
The Benefits of a Public and Media Relations Program - Media Authority is what it takes to build that trust and set you apart from your competitors and be that authority in your field. You will be quoted in the media, and linked back to your site or were ever you want it to go. You will become a quoted expert, in your field, in the major media.

You can sport your “As Seen On” FOREVER.
Editorial coverage gives better attention
Editorial copy generated through effective public relations is far more believable and credible than paid advertising, due to media objectivity. Recent studies in North America suggest that positive editorial coverage generates up to nine times more visibility than paid advertising.
Public relations is economical promotion
Regular and effective news releases can make your organization a "news media source" on you niche. It is critical to develop relationships with the news media in the same way it is a good idea to develop other kinds of friendships in the community. Writers and reporters are always looking for reliable and respected sources to quote.
As Seen On
Leveraging your new authority
There’s so many uses for this media authority, you could put it into your LinkedIn and Facebook profile photos, on your website, brochures, advertisements, business cards, newsletter, or storefront.

Anywhere and Everywhere.
That’s Cool… But What Else Can Media Exposure Do?

Quoted in the Media
Media citations and recognition is a conversion strategy, it’s about getting more people to choose you over all of their other options

First Impressions
Have you heard? "You never get a second chance to make a first impression"

Announce Your Message
Now you can use your logos in your business brand and personal profiles on any and all your print media – stand out in the search results!
Grab That Attention!

Instant Trust
Brings in higher conversions because people will know, like and trust you or your business. Because the media trusts you.
Max Media & Reputation Builder
Helps You Build Trust Too!
Everyone knows in this competitive economy, you need to stand out in your field. To do this, getting cited in the major media IS that solution. Make it EASY for prospects and customers/clients to choose to do business with you.

You do this with trust…trusted media networks like ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS. You borrow that trust when you are cited (published) in the major media.
For Personal Use
“Positioning yourself as an authority is the single most important thing you can do to increase your perceived value to your market place.”
Traffic and Conversion Summit- 2014 – Frank Kern – Internet Marketing Legend

Clear Media Marketing’s Max Media & Reputation Builder Program gives you that authority, so now you can sport the ABC-CBS-NBC-FOX News logos on your picture or even on a picture of your business.

“This is how I then went on to get featured on CNN, Wall Street Journal, TV, Radio, Magazines , become a Speaker for Tony Robbins and other conferences, and get a best selling book deal with Jack Canfield! All because I paid to play and got these media citations.”

- Greig Wells
For Personal Use
Randy Stuppard
"Yes i'm pretty stoked to be seen on the major networks. It's never an easy road and there are a lot of times when I think I am 3 steps forward and three steps back. But that is the life of a business owner."

- Randy Stuppard
For Personal and Business
This is perfect for business owners, authors, speakers, coaches, doctors, etc.

Experts in the field of sports psychology regard Dr. Cohn as the leading authority for entering the zone and pre-competition routines. Dr. Cohn also teaches his mental game coaching system, the MGCP certification program (Mental Game Coaching Professional) to qualified coaches, trainers, and sports psychology students in training.

Being cited in the major media networks gives you more authority in the eyes of your potential customers and clients. This results in a better conversion ratio for you so you make more money.

You will also be viewed as an authority by other media sources, opening yourself up to potential interviews, TV appearances, etc.

Pay once for these major media citations, and you will benefit for life.
Use For Business - The Kotel
The Clear Media Marketing’s Max Media & Reputation Builder Program will help your business.

The Kotel Twitter’s account allows visitors to practice the old tradition of placing notes with prayers in between the stones of the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israel, also known as The Kotel.
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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Is there a guarantee?
We guarantee that your media citation package will appear on 4 network brand websites within 15 business days, and that we will add the logos to your submitted photo for you. If we don’t do that, then you get your money back.

Who is this for?
Any business owner that would like to gain more authority for their business. If you think that being cited on the major networks, and adding the “As Seen On” logos to your marketing is impressive to your prospective client/customer…. then this is for you! Job seekers, authors, speakers, coaches, doctors, dentists, small business owners can all benefit from this added authority.

What kind of quote do we provide to you?
We publish a 300 character quote that can either be from you talking about your experience/service/business, or from someone else talking about you and your business. The quote isn’t very important. What is important is that you’re now cited on these networks, and you can use the “As Seen On” text and images in your marketing. That’s the value of this program.

How will I know the quote is published on all 4 networks?
We will send you screenshots of your quotes as well as the links to the quotes. However, know that the links are archived after a few weeks, and they will no longer be live. But that doesn’t matter because once you’re cited, you can use the logos.

Do the quotes appear on the National websites for the major media?
No. The quotes will be on local affiliate websites for the major media. You are still able to use the “As Seen On” text and logos when you’ve been cited on the local affiliate websites.

Will the quotes appear on the local network websites in my area?
No, we determine the websites that they appear on, and they most likely will not be in your area. They do not need to be in your city. Remember, the value is not from the quotes being seen on the websites by your potential customers. The value is in being cited, and then being able to use the logos on all your marketing.

Can I put the link to the quotes on my website?
We do not recommend that you add the links of your quotes to your website or other marketing for a few reasons. The first is that the links are archived after a period of time, so they won’t be live forever. Secondly, your quote will appear in a press release along with other Top Professional quotes, so you won’t want your customer going to the press release and seeing yours along with a bunch of others. Remember, the value in this special program is in being able to use the “As Seen On” text and images in your marketing.

Will I get traffic and backlinks from the quote?
You will not get any appreciable traffic or backlinks from this quote. Again, the benefit in using these citations is in being able to use the “As Seen On” text and images in your marketing.

What type of image do I need to supply you with for the profile picture?
We will need at least a 500 x 500 px image, 72 dpi. The image should be a jpg, png, or pdf. We will send it back to you as a 500 x 500 jpg.

Will I get traffic and backlinks from the quote?
You will not get any appreciable traffic or backlinks from this quote. Again, the benefit in using these citations is in being able to use the “As Seen On” text and images in your marketing.
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REFUND POLICY: Please note because of the nature of the packages and the time, effort and creation cost we offer NO refunds. Please make sure that the PHOTO you submit for logos is properly edited BEFORE submission to us. Additional image updates can be ordered at an additional fee. We place the logos on the submitted photo AS IS. Recommended photo size is 500 x 500 pixels.